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BRUNO TOCANNE (batterie)


Catalyst of ideas, sensations and emotions


"In Bruno Tocanne there is a clear desire to upset the established principles of ensembles subject to the autocracy of the conductor. The main lesson of the libertarian dazzling jazz of the 1970s, a new distribution of tasks within the orchestra is found in its musical proposals an attentive echo: Bruno Tocanne plays the role of a catalyst of ideas, sensations and emotions.At the heart of the exchange, the drummer is free to encourage his partners to take an open approach to music. collective improvisation.And Bruno Tocanne, who has never reasoned otherwise, always finds material to fully develop this subtle and generous drum game which, like Paul Motian, never imposes peremptory and prefers to suggest than to affirm. Neither peloton nor commando, the music he offers thus derives from the association of ideas and the conjugation of sensitivity ... And we agree of course! "

From a text by Arnaud Merlin, producer France Musique




Collective of musicians? Artist network? Variable geometry musical company? the imuZZic network is all of these. Collective because it brings together around a theme of jazz and improvised music, Network because it is wide open to sharing experiences and meetings, in a variable geometry because each project requires complementarity of talents.

Bruno Tocanne has been the founder and the artistic director


Are or have been partners and/or guests: Bernard Santacruz, Antoine Läng, Samuel Blaser (CH), Michael Bates (NYC), Hasse Poulsen, Louis Sclavis, John Greaves, Denis Badault, Russ Johnson (NYC), Sophia Domancich, Lucia Recio, Russ Lossing (NYC), Francesco Bearzatti, Daniel Erdmann, Bänz Oester (CH), Federico Casagrande (Italy), Jean Aussanaire, Rémi Gaudillat, Fred Roudet, Elodie Pasquier ...

"Jazz and improvised music have an openness at least equal to the spirit of freedom that this artistic field claims. We find in the objectives displayed by imuZZic since its creation in 2000, the echoes of this characteristic: meetings between established artists and emerging artists, meetings between different musical styles, meetings between different artistic disciplines (visual arts, multimedia, poetry ...), meetings human ... A quick retrospective highlights the creative vitality of the musicians of the network, the successful bet of curiosity and public support for an uncompromising artistic purpose, the collective's ability to combine local roots, national and international influence"

Manuela Gimeno

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