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The impermanence of doubt 01/2020


Alain BLESING (guitar) and Bruno TOCANNE (drums) decided to record this record as a DUO at Lakanal - Montpellier for Le PETIT LABEL in November 2019. After many common adventures, including a memorable tour of more than 40 concerts through the Siberia in trio with the trumpeter Fred ROUDET (2016) and the two albums OVER THE HILLS and MAD KLUSTER (+ Benoît KELLER), the desire to meet face to face naturally arose.


Bruno Tocanne, after having imagined and defended the two projects OVER THE HILLS , then SEA SONG (E) S , thus resumes his quest for suggestive improvised music (see album In a suggestive way   ) in the company of Alain Blesing to whom we owe, in addition to his work with the Turkish singer Senem DIYICI, the guitar ensemble La Théorie des Cordes or the septet Songs from the Beginning


These two musicians wished here to return to some of their fundamentals, in a small group, with improvised and refined music, suggestive music which does not forbid itself much.

"There are records that escape classifications, they are often the most fragile and the most precious. This album is one of them. Is it Jazz, free music? Who knows, listen, we This duo is superb listening, abandonment and rigor, the necessary doubt is more than ever impermanent and it is this worry that makes emotion possible, otherwise there is no salvation Another forms a suspended time, a healthy look at the beauty of the complexity of the world, far from this "complex intelligence" which has no doubts, close to what makes what we all are, nothing and even the whole (s) ... " - Pierre Luciani



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