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More informations about "Sea Song(e)s"


Encouraged by the enthusiasm sparked by our work on the Carla Bley's "Escalator Over The Hill", approved by the composer herself at the end of a concert  of our "Over The Hills" in  Nevers Jazz Festival, then after listening to our album released in December 2015 (CHOC Jazz Magazine), we wished to work around another monument that had a lasting influence on the artistic and intellectual approaches of the actual music of these last 40 years: Robert Wyatt's "Rock Bottom".
Decades after its release in 1974, this album still appears as a disk with a mystical splendor, a burning issue, a UFO of music which offers a perfect view of the synthesis between pop-rock, jazz, psychedelic, between writing and improvisation ... with an emotion in its purest form !


It's a creation with a large majority of personal compositions and original texts (Robert Wyatt, John Greaves, Marcel Kanche)

The presence of Sophia Domancich belonging to "the School of Canterbury" which includes several British artists including Robert Wyatt, Daevid Allen (Gong), or Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) is not obviously not due to chance. Bruno Tocanne, initiator of "Over The Hills", artistic director of imuZZic collective and Sophia  Domancich know each others since a long time and  have registered the first disc of her trio "Funerals" with John Greaves, already very close to Robert Wyatt universe.
How to imagine a project around the universe of Robert Wyatt without trumpet ? Rémi Gaudillat, musical companion of Bruno Tocanne since ten years, one of the pillars of the network imuZZic, accepted this new challenge with the enthusiasm that characterizes him, as Antoine Läng, Swiss singer-improviser  perfectly mastering the electronic effects, that many have discovered with enthousisam in France with "Over the Hills".

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