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Jean-René Mourot - piano  -  Bruno Tocanne - Drums

This record is the story of a meeting that owes nothing to chance, as its protagonists - two artists in love with light and with the same need for freedom - were to end up finding themselves one fine day in the communion of their impressionisms.

Fascinated by the sensuality of the Duets of Bill Carrothers and Bill Stewart at the end of the 90s, the pianist Jean-René Mourot dreamed of the intimacy of such a conversation, and in doing so of the melodist drummer who would know how to help him lend him life. Who better than Bruno Tocanne, a musician of attention to others, experienced in the practice of the piano drums duo and a past master in the art of suggestion, could meet such a strong expectation? A few exchanges, like a photographic focus, were enough for them to agree on a common language - a subtle grammar associating spontaneity and elliptical improvisation - before taking action some time later. And it is in the intimacy of a studio dressed in cubic lamps, discreet witnesses of a dialogue captured as close as possible to the emotions, that they will give birth to the eight sound bursts of these Chronicles of the imagination.

It is a privilege to discover in its truth of the moment a fresco with diaphanous motifs which never deviates from the path of melody; this disc is the song of two resonating souls, celebrating with covered words a beauty constantly to be rediscovered. Jean-René Mourot and Bruno Tocanne write a page of modest life, without ostentation or virtuoso demonstration… They do not impose themselves on each other, preferring to open the doors of a reciprocal enchantment. The pianist plays with time that he can suspend for a fraction of a second - or eternity - to better release notes whose harmonic fluidity finds a twin echo in the drummer's graceful and restrained strike. Both express their vision of an elegiac world, where elevation has taken precedence once and for all over the need for affirmation. We quickly understand that the dreams of these two tightrope walkers have become our own. Denis desassis

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